With the icy weather around the corner, it is important to give your vehicle a good check over, and make sure that you are driving safely this winter.


Here are a few handy tips to help get you prepared:



Ensure that your tyres are roadworthy and legal, especially with the icy weather approaching. Check your tyre pressures are correct, and make sure the tread depths are no less than 2mm for winter driving.


You may also consider changing to winter tyres or all weather tyres. These tyres are designed with a higher silica content in the tread, which prevents tyres from hardening, and gives better grip in cold and wet conditions.



Heaters and lights etc. cause more strain on your battery, especially in the cold winter months. It is advisable to have your battery tested and if necessary, replaced.



Check and top up your antifreeze levels. A frozen radiator or water pump may cause extreme damage to your vehicle. To give maximum protection it is advised to use a 50/50 mix of antifreeze and water.



Most people only associate air conditioning with use in the summer months, however air conditioning should be used all year round. On heat mode it will demist your car much quicker, and will reduce condensation.



Dirt and grime from wet roads will reduce your visibility, so it is important to top up your screen wash and ensure your windscreen wipers are working.



With the darker mornings and nights now here, make sure that all of your lights are kept clean, and replace any bulbs that are not working in order you can be seen easily by other motorists.



Stock up with de-icer and keep an ice scraper with you at all times. Do not drive until your vision is clear. Any loose snow on your vehicle should be removed before driving, to prevent it flying off and causing obstruction to your and other motorists vision.



You never know when you might break down or get caught in bad traffic due to the weather, so it is advisable to make sure you have sufficient fuel in your vehicle, and also ensure that your mobile phone is charged and has credit


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