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Many people associate air conditioning for use in the summer months when it is hot, however air con should be used in the winter also, with the temperature turned up on your heater, which creates dry warm air, and demists you car windscreen much more quickly.


Over the course of a year approximately 10% of the air con gas permeates from the system, which means the system may not work as efficiently as it should, so it is therefore recommended to have your airconditioning serviced and re charged every year (two years maximum).


With our air con service and regas we firstly remove all the gas already in the system, the system is then vacuumed which cleans out all of the bacteria. A UV dye is then added which  will help show any leaks that may occur in the future. Oil is then put through to lubricate the pump, and then the system has a pressure hold test to check for any major leaks. Finally if this test is passedthe system is recharged with gas.


*Please note that although a pressure test is carried out, it will only determine if there is a major leak, it will not pick up a pinhole leak.


There are many different faults an aircon system can have, including a faulty pressure switch, a broken compressor, an electrical fault or even a minor pin hole leak.


Having a service and re gas will not rectify any existing faults of this nature, and although the system may gas up fine, this does not guarantee your aircon to be fully functioning if another problem exists.


Our Air con service and re-gas is priced at only £45 ( a surcharge of £10 is applied if the vehicle is over 2.5 litres) for gas R134a.


We now also do airconditioning service and refill for the new gas R1234yf

(Please call the office for a price on 01642 232474)


Add an aircon anti bacterial cleaner for £10




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