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A tyre pressure monitoring system, (TPMS) is an electronic system designed to monitor the air pressure of tyres on various types of vehicle.


TPMS reports real time tyre pressure information to the driver of the vehicle, usually by a low pressure warning light.


The target of a TPMS is to avoid traffic accidents, poor fuel economy and increased tyre wear due to under inflated tyres.


TPMS employ pressure sensor valves on each wheel. The sensors measure the pressure in each tyre and report it to the vehicle.


From November 2014 EU law stated that all passenger vehicles will have to have TPMS installed by the manufacturer. This law does not apply to older vehicles.


From January 2015 TPMS also became part of an annual vehicle test (MOT), which means that a car with a faulty TPMS, or a car which has had TPMS removed and the sensor disabled, will be an automatic fail.


The TPMS System comes in two parts, firstly the sensor which is the part that sends the signal to the car, and secondly the valve stem itself.


Sensor valves as a whole can be expensive to replace, however it is possible to service the valve stems with new nuts and rubber seals, or even replace the valve stem, without having to replace the actual sensor itself.


Here at T.E.S we have the digital technology which enables us to carry out a diagnostic check, reprogramme a new sensor, or even service your existing valve stems.


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