Puncture Repairs Are Only £12 at T.E.S

A typical puncture repair is a cold vulcanised patch which is glued in the inside of the tyre and a plug to plug the hole. This is a simple and quick repair that we carry out for just £12.


Take a look at the above image. The area marked "blue" which is the minor repair area can be done with this method.


How many times have you been into a tyre centre with what seems to be just a simple repair and told "sorry its too close to the edge", "it`s gone in on the wrong angle" or "The hole is too big" so it cannot be repaired and needs a new tyre.


Theres nothing worse than a perfectly good tyre with a small screw or tear in the area marked "red". In otherwords not repairable. Well this unrepairable part is classed in British Standards as "A major repair zone".


Here at T.E.S, we now have the facility to repair the major repair area of a tyre. This process is known as Hot vulcanisation. This can be a simple cosmetic repair, ie. a cut or kerb mark in the sidewall, to a puncture or stab mark in the red zone.


From just £30 we can legaly and safely repair any part of a tyre with hot vulcanisation.


The difference with this type of repair is that Cold rubber is cured into the wound and a reinforced patch is used instead of a normal minor repair patch. The reinforced patch contains chords similar to the inners of a tyre giving the suitability and strength to maintain the tyres integrity.


All repairs are carried out to British Standards.



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